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Lidar International Co., Ltd. is an e-commerce branding company committed to promoting high-quality Taiwanese products to the world.

Headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Lidar has expanded its branches to Taipei, Taiwan. 

Our Expertise

Stationed in Taiwan and marching into Vietnam, Lidar has accumulated more than 10 years of professional strategic branding expertise and promoted 5 original brands to the global market.

Our Experience 

Given the emerging trends of e-commerce and online shopping, Lidar added the Department of International Trade to our business in 2015. As of now, Lidar owns 5 original brands that have attracted over 45,000 global followers collectively. 

Our Core Values

Integrity, Expertise and Innovation are the core values that makes Lidar a trusted and well-recognized business for our clients and the governments. Through Lidar's brands, we aim to promote a lifestyle of good health, beauty, joy and inspiration for clients from home and abroad. 

Our Business Philosophy

With compassion at heart and service-oriented, Lidar upholds the business philosophy of promoting the best-quality Made-in-Taiwan products to our global customers.

All Brands

Since its establishment in 2008, Lidar has launched 5 original brands that connects Taiwan to the world. Our brands have organically attracted over 45,000 global fans and followers. 

E-Commerce Platform

Shop Tôi Ở Đài Loan is an e-commerce platform that offers one-stop-for-all Taiwanese products to local foreign customers. 

From daily shopping, job opportunity matching to learning Mandarin Chinese, Shop Tôi Ở Đài Loan aims to provide Vietnamese customers a convenient and reliable channel to experience Taiwan. 


Taiwan-Vietnam Media Platform

Wan Wan Nan Nan (灣灣南南) is a media platform that features Taiwanese and Vietnamese cultures and latest news.


Its all-Vietnamese content synthesizes news and introduces destinations, life, culture and cuisine in Taiwan. 


MedTech & Future

Taiwan-Vietnam medical forum and exchange delegation

Our company takes "MedTech & Future" as the main topic this year, regularly organizes forums, discussion groups on the Taiwan-Vietnam medical field, so that the representatives of leading hospitals, doctors, Clinics and medical equipment suppliers exchange with each other to find the opportunities to invest & co-operate between Taiwan - Vietnam

MedTech & Future.png

Skincare & Beauty

OCENSE is a skincare brand inspired by the ocean essences.


OCENSE aims to provide customers with natural skincare products of international standards at affordable prices. 


Skincare & Beauty

Double Pink is a beauty brand characterized by special, trendy skincare products. 


Lovely and stylish, Double Pink blends the two together to create captivating beauty products tailored for young ladies aged between 18 to 30. 

double pink 官網截圖.jpg
Double Pink.jpg

E-Commerce Platform

LifeBox is a Vietnamese e-commerce platform that provides a wide array of Made-in-Taiwan daily commodities. 


Featuring health, beauty and inspiration, LifeBox aspires to share high-quality MIT products with Vietnam and the world. 

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